Celebrating 150 Years of Manitou Springs

Join us for special 150th events all year long!

1 year to celebrate 150!

Where did we start, where are we at, and where are we going? With one year to celebrate our 150 year history, there is so much to do we can’t fathom creating any more lengthy an introduction to take your time away from getting busy with all of these fantastic events taking place this year! We’ve laid it all out right here for you, so without further ado….Happy 150th, Manitou!

Community Call Out!

“I am most excited to see the community come together in celebration after a tough couple of years! Manitou’s future is bright because of the people who live here & we will have a blast celebrating everything to come.”

The Peanut Pusher

Pikes Peak, July 9-17, 2022

For the first time in the 21st Century, an ambitious gentleman is looking to make history – by pushing a peanut up Pikes Peak with a contraption taped to his nose. This is no easy feat, but with support from the community and region at large, this peanut pusher can cement his place in history!

Comedic Historical Theatre

July 8 -30, 2022
Celebrate Manitou Springs’ 150th anniversary in City Hall with a raucous ride through the decades.

Prominent characters come to life in a comedic homage to the charming town we know and love. Various dates, check ticket link for details

Celebrate Manitou Weekend! July 30 - Aug 1, 2022

Vintage Baseball DOUBLE HEADER 

Manitou Springs Heritage Center Springers playing by 1864 rules followed by Manitou Springs Fire Dept vs  Police Dept. Game! 

Games start July 30th at 11:05 am at Roger Maestas Field, 60 Beckers Lane, Manitou Springs

Day of Friendship

Join the community at Schryver Park on Monday, August 1st to celebrate our designation as the 3rd Friendliest City in the United States!

If you’re interested in attending with your local organization or non-profit, please email Jenna@manitouchamber.com 


Community Potluck

Come one, come all! We’re ready to reach the record for largest potluck to ever happen in Manitou Springs! 

Bring your most delectable dish (along with your plates, napkins & utensils) to Memorial Park and join in this epic potluck event.. let’s face it- it’s what we do in Manitou.

Good Ol’ Fashioned Ice Cream Social & Pie Baking Contest

Complete with LIVE MUSIC from Little London Winds in Bud Ford Pavilion at Soda Springs Park.

Are you a baker? We need you and your pies! Sign up to bake at this classic Manitou tradition this year. 150 pies is what we’re after!

150th Anniversary Exhibit

Opening June 3, 2022 The Heritage Center’s 150th Anniversary exhibit will explore four key themes: Health Resort, Attractions, Community Builders and Road to Revival. The exhibit showcases how Manitou Springs evolved from its initial roots as a health resort to a center of tourist attractions.

Speaker Series- Spa Rooftop Style

August 20, 2022
The Heritage Center will host guest speaker Doris McCraw on the rooftop deck at the Spa Building to deliver a program about early women physicians.  Exhibit materials specific to the Spa Building’s history/ mineral water treatments provided and on permanent display in the Spa Building’s lobby.

First Friday Art Walk

Friday June 3, 4:30 – 7:30

Manitou Springs Heritage Center and Museum proudly announces its featured exhibit, “Manitou Springs-150 Years Strong 1872 – 2022”.  Just how do you celebrate 150 years of triumphs, defeats, growth, evolution and all the blood sweat and tears which have shaped Manitou Springs into the amazing community it is today? Well, it wasn’t easy but our 150th Anniversary Exhibit will explore several key themes: Railroads, Hotels, Health Resorts, Attractions, Community Builders and Road to Revival.

“The Granite Attraction” by Author and Historian Eric Swab

Saturday June 4, 10:00am The Manitou Springs Heritage Center and Museum welcomes historian and author Eric Swab for a talk and presentation about his new book,  “The Granite Attraction, Stories of the Pikes Peak Highway and Summit”.  Since 1873, the summit of Pikes Peak has served as a U. S. Army weather station, an attraction for visitors, innkeepers, skiers, hunters, and fishermen. Individuals and corporations have been motivated by the challenge of the mountain’s highway to get their horseless carriages, automobiles, race cars, motorcycles, bicycles, trains, basketballs, wheelbarrows, peanuts, and pianos to the top of the mountain.

“The Peak of Racing”, a presentation by Pikes Peak International Hill Climb winner Chris Lennon

Sunday June 12, 1:00pm

The Manitou Springs Heritage Center and Museum welcomes auto racer and author Chris Lennon for a talk and presentation of his book, “The Peak of Racing”. Mr. Lennon’s presentation and book are a “must” for racing fans everywhere. Pulling in stories from legends like Mario Andretti, the Unsers, Dominic Dobson, Rick Mears, Romain Dumas, Ari Vatanen, Randy Pobst, Jeff Zwart, and a host of others, it puts you in the driver’s seat in one of the world’s most famous races..

"The 100th Running of the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb” by Racer Don Sanborn

Saturday June 11, 10:00am

The Manitou Springs Heritage Center and Museum welcomes Pikes Peak Hill Climb racer Don Sanborn and his presentation, “The 100th Running of the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb”.  The Pikes Peak Auto Hill Climb originally started by Spencer Penrose in 1916 has now been running for 100 years. This presentation will look at the history of the Hill Climb and its racers,  and how the race has changed over the course of time.

Arts Month October

Arts Month! Oct 1 -31

From the First Friday Art Walk in Downtown Manitou Springs to public art walking and biking tours, October is a beautiful time to explore the rich arts & culture offerings of Manitou Springs artists, galleries, musicians, poets, and other creative pursuits.

Indigenous People's Day

October 10, 2022 
A kick off celebration featuring local, modern day, Indigenous Peoples from the Manitou Pollinators Inter-Tribal Council and their respective Tribal Nations, families, etc. View pictures, heirlooms, artwork, specific tribal stories, and much more during this amazing event! 
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