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Does Manitou have hot springs?

I have good news and bad news: Manitou Springs has cold-water mineral drinking springs. If you’re looking to take a dip in town, SunWater Spa heats up the mineral water in cedar tubs perfect for a soak. The nearest geothermal hot springs are 1-2 hours away depending on how comfortable you are getting naked with strangers.

What are the hours/cost of the Mineral Springs?

You’re in luck! All public mineral springs are completely free and flow 24/7. Follow this map for a self-guided tour.

What is the Manitou Incline and how do I get there?
The Manitou Incline is an extreme hike in Manitou Springs that gains 2000 feet of elevation in under a mile. For more information including where to park and how to get there, visit our Incline page.
What should I know about recreational marijuana?
For information about marijuana in Manitou Springs, visit us here.
Where is the nearest airport?

The Colorado Springs Airport is less than 30 minutes away from Manitou Springs, and is comparable to the cost of a flight, car rental & gas from the Denver airport, minus the traffic!

What is there to do outside?

If you plan to come to Manitou Springs and not go outside, you’re missing out. From Garden of the Gods and Red Rock Canyon Open Space to the Incline and the summit of Pikes Peak, we are surrounded by everything you could possibly want. Check out our our ‘places to play’ page for information about attractions

What about hunting and fishing?
If your plans in Colorado include hunting and fishing, visit Colorado Parks and Wildlife for more information about regulations and the best places to go, then stop by Angler’s Covey to purchase a license. In Manitou Springs, fishing is allowed in Fountain Creek, but we can’t guarantee you’ll catch anything.
How affordable is Manitou Springs?
Manitou Springs is not your average mountain town. We have a wide range of places to stay, eat and see to meet every budget. Best of all, the view is completely free. Check it out for yourself!
What’s the art scene like in Manitou Springs?

Art is Manitou’s bread and butter. Manitou Springs is a certified Colorado Creative District with a number programs to promote art, like Art on the Avenue and the First Friday Artwalk. Stop by any one of our galleries to explore local artists with works in every medium.

Where can I find live music in town?
If live music is your jam, Manitou Springs has you covered. Venues in our historic downtown have live acts playing all week long, every week, with music for all tastes. For more information about upcoming concerts and up-to-date live listings, visit
Is Manitou Springs comfortable in the winter?

We’re a mountain town in Colorado, so we’re going to have a few snowy days in the Winter. Don’t let that scare you, we still have moderate Winters and average more than 250 days of sunshine per year. Not to mention Pikes Peak looks even better capped with snow.

If you choose to come in the Winter, you’ll have a lot more fun if you’re prepared. Look for “What should I pack?” below

How is Manitou Springs in the summer?

The average high for July in Manitou Springs is a comfortable 85 degrees, the perfect temperature to take in the sun and the fresh mountain air. Weather can still vary in the summer, so check the forecast for occasional afternoon showers.

If you choose to come in the Summer, you’ll have a lot more fun if you’re prepared. Look for “What should I pack?” below.

What should I pack?

In Colorado, we say, ‘if you don’t like the weather, just wait 10 minutes.” We often seem to have all seasons on the same day and to make the most out of your trip it pays to be prepared.

Average Weather

Don’t like the weather?  Just wait ten minutes.


Average Highs/Lows: 68°/24°
Highs/Lows on Pikes Peak: 19°/04°
Average Rainfall: 1.5 inches per month

Red Rock Canyon Open Space

Average Highs/Lows: 79°/55°
Highs/Lows on Pikes Peak: 48°/32°
Average Rainfall: 3 inches per month


Average Highs/Lows: 63°/34°
Highs/Lows on Pikes Peak: 28°/14°
Average Snowfall: 0.8 inch per month


Average Highs/Lows: 42°/14°
Highs/Lows on Pikes Peak: 10°/-02°
Average Snowfall: 0.3 inch per month

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