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Recreational Marijuana

What happens in Manitou...

When it comes to marijuana, Manitou takes a note from Las Vegas: what happens in Manitou stays in ManitouFortunately, Manitou is an eclectic little town to host your extracurricular activities. Both medical and recreational marijuana are legal here—but don’t take your purchase out of the state of Colorado.

Where to shop

Manitou Springs—where the experience of shopping for recreational weed is a lot like being in an Apple store. Emerald Fields offers elevated, expert-guided experiences for selecting the right options for you.

Burning questions?

Your retail marijuana questions answered

28 grams

Or one ounce, the max amount you may purchase at one time.

21 or older

The minimum age required to buy, possess or use retail marijuana.

2 stores

Number of retail stores located in Manitou Springs.

Where can I purchase retail marijuana in Manitou Springs, Colorado?

Those 21 and older can purchase retail marijuana at a licensed retail marijuana store. Lucky for you, there are two in Manitou Springs: Emerald Fields and Maggie’s Farm.

Both residents and tourists can purchase up to 28 grams, or one ounce. Possessing more can result in fines and penalties, but seriously, that’s a lot of marijuana. Don’t forget, it is illegal to consume marijuana at or near a dispensary.

Can I take my marijuana back home to another state?

Transporting marijuana across state lines is illegal, but don’t ask me, ask the officers in neighboring states waiting at the border.

Our drug dogs have a great sense of smell, so don’t bring marijuana to the airport either.

What are the consequences if I violate Colorado marijuana laws? 

Penalties for violating marijuana laws range from fines to prison time and vary from one community to the next. Don’t be that guy who goes to jail for marijuana in a state where it’s legal.

Can I have it in my car?

Yes, you can transport marijuana by car, but it is illegal to consume marijuana in a motor vehicle or drive under the influence of marijuana, doing so can result in a DUI. The rules for marijuana are similar to alcohol, no open containers. 

Are there marijuana Smoke Clubs or Coffee Shops in Manitou?

No luck here, there are no smoke clubs or coffee shops in Manitou Springs. Manitou Springs has many  marijuana-friendly lodging properties.

Do employers have to accommodate legal marijuana use? 

No, Colorado law allows employers to prohibit marijuana use by employees, even when not at work. 

How old do I have to be to purchase, possess or consume retail marijuana in Colorado?

You must be 21 or older to buy, possess or use retail marijuana. Giving or selling marijuana to minors is illegal.

Where am I allowed to consume retail marijuana?

Recreational marijuana is intended for private, personal use. It is illegal to consume marijuana in any form in public, including in city parks, trails and open space, and on the street. Don’t test our police officers, they know what marijuana smells like. 

If you are 21 or older, you may consume marijuana on private property that is not open to the public. That means you may smoke in your backyard or on an attached porch or deck.

Can I consume marijuana in my hotel room?

Your hotel or lodging property decides whether you may consume marijuana on the premises. Manitou Springs has many  marijuana-friendly lodging properties. To avoid extra cleaning fees, confirm with lodging host before lighting up. 

Marijuana is still illegal under federal law 

You cannot possess marijuana on Federal property, which means do not bring your marijuana to national parks, national forests (e.g. Pike National Forest or ski areas), federal buildings, courthouses, etc. Colorado has been doing just fine with this arrangement since 2014, so please don’t test it.

Are the rules different for edible marijuana than for marijuana that can be smoked?

No. Whether it’s a space cake or a joint, the rules for possession and consumption of marijuana are the same.

Is marijuana use safe?

That is a difficult question and we don’t have the answer. There are plenty of resources about the health-impacts of marijuana use.

Knowledge is power

Keeping it legal is dope

While recreational marijuana is legal in Manitou Springs, our federal lands are off-limits. Before your date with Mary Jane, it’s helpful to know how to safely, legally and responsibly enjoy marijuana. 

It's always 4:20 here

Stay where you play

The lodging options below are quintessentially Manitou, but they’re also marijuana-friendly. Stay awhile and take in this quirky, little mountain town. 

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