Valentine’s Weekend in Manitou Springs

Published: February 1, 2021

Video provided by Mona Lisa Fondue.

spread nothin' but love

Spread out and cozy up in Manitou this Valentine's Day

There are a few key milestones in every relationship: the first date, the first kiss, and now, the first Valentine’s-Day-during-a-global-pandemic. And while juggling internet connections and coinciding Zoom meetings wasn’t how most people planned on spending their 2020—a survey done by wedding guru brand, The Knot, found that six in 10 couples said sheltering in place brought them closer together. While we’re all for building your sourdough starter and working on your 324th puzzle together—we’ve got a few other ideas for spreading out and spreading the love.

Absence makes the heart grow fonder. But so does melted cheese and a mineral spring soak. - Old Manitou Proverb

Dinner at Mona Lisa

Is there really anything that says “I love you” quite like a cheese coma? We think not. Which means it’s a gouda thing Valentine’s Day is all week at Mona Lisa. Okay—so dad jokes aside, Mona Lisa’s table-top grill, four-course fondue dinner is serving up a week’s worth of intimate 2-hour dinner experiences designed to let you slow down, spread out, and lean into the one you love. (Or maybe just like, a lot.)
Mouth-watering image provided by Mona Lisa Fondue.

Fondues & Fondon'ts:

  • When to Go: All week, February 8th – 15th. 2-hour reservation slots available, lingering strongly encouraged. Book your dinner date for 4pm, 6pm or 8pm. Do book soon—as tables are booking up fast!
  • Spreading Out: With heated, outdoor balcony seating overlooking downtown Manitou Springs, the only person you won’t be six feet from is your SO (significant other).
  • On the Safe Side: Sometimes the most romantic thing you can do is keep your distance—at least from everyone else. Order Mona Lisa’s four-course fondue to-go and create a romantic evening in your living room. We won’t even tell if you double-dip.
Anna's Apothecary
Images of mystical potions and syrups provided by Anna's Apothecary.

Something special from Anna's Apothecary

Sometimes the best way to show you care is with the gift of self-care. From extracts for melting away stress to herbal teas for the sweetest dreams, everything grown, produced and sold at Anna’s Apothecary is completely natural, organic, and oh-so-thoughtful. 

For that special someone: Anna's Love Elixer contains Damiana—which helps uplift the spirit and connect with your more sensual side.

Anna's Apothecary
Rose vanilla and lavender syrups can be added to morning coffee or lemonade—or something with a higher ABV.
Anna's Apothecary
Not sure which elixir to choose? The team at Anna's will help you pick your potion.

Soaking it all in at SunWater Spa

There are few views in town better than the one from the back deck of SunWater Spa. The nine cedar soaking tubs are filled with mineral water from the famous Seven Minute Spring— which filters through deep underground cracks, crevasses, and rock faults; infusing the water with health-granting minerals.
Silver Lining: The once-public soaking tubs are now booked by reservation only—leaving you with 90-minutes in your own, personal tub for two.
Sunwater Soaking
Envy-worthy image provided by SunWater Spa. Absolute bliss, included in each reservation.
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