Get involved in Manitou Springs

Event Applications


So you want to sponsor an event? Fill out this application and we'll get back to you with a contract and more info on the events that interest you!


Lots of our events need food or gift vendors. Fill out this brief from and we'll get you on the wait list or send you an invitation to attend.


You want to race a coffin? Bake a pie or stir up a big ol' pot of gumbo? Then you are in the right place!

Join in the fun

Whether your racing a coffin, baking a pie or cooking a pot of gumbo…you need to fill out an entry form and let us know you’re coming!

RAce a coffin

Sign up early to participate in this year's coffin race. Seventy racing slots fill up fast so don't wait to sign your team up!

Bake a pie…

…for the annual pie baking contest! Competitive bakers create 2 pies, one for the judges, one for sale to attendees at the ice cream social.

Enter gumbo cook-off

Stir up your best pot of gumbo for the Mumbo Jumbo Gumbo Cook-Off and compete in the professional or amateur division.

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