Best of the B(r)unch

Published: July 28, 2021

Can't miss brunch spots in Manitou

Brunch—that sacred meal comprised only of the most revered elements of both breakfast and lunch. A meal designed around sleeping in. The perfect excuse to drink before noon. If Manitou Springs were a meal—we would be brunch. Instead, we’ve curated the best-of-the-best brunch spots around town—from award-winning huevos rancheros to seriously sinful biscuits and gravy. Grab your brunch crew and we’ll get the first round of mimosas!

Adam's Mountain Cafe

Mo’s is well-loved by locals for their huge portions and great prices. A full order of biscuits and gravy is only $8.

Mo's Diner & Lounge

Know before you go: Mo's only accepts cash—but an ATM conveniently located in the diner means you'll never be stuck washing dishes.

Good Karma Cafe

The pick of the b(r)unch

If your brunch game is strong, you won’t want to miss these other hot spots to start your day in Manitou Springs.

Red Dog Coffee & Cafe

On the go? Stop by Red Dog for a locally-made, giant cinnamon roll.

The Kitchen

Don't miss the best southern food this side of the Mississippi.
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