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Wake up to mountain views and the hiking trail calling. Heck, you may even be able to walk to the trailhead from the front porch!  In Manitou, we’re surrounded by hiking trails – and not just a few. Looking for something challenging? No problem, just hike to the summit of Pikes Peak or conquer the Manitou Incline. Craving something light with views? We’ve got that handled, plus we’ll let you know if you can bring your dog. 


Our office is not located at any of the trails listed on our website. As such, we can only provide general information about the trails, but no information about current trail conditions.

An Expert Opinion

Our favorite local trails

Can’t decide where to start? There’s quite a lot to choose from. Here are some of our favorite local hikes in and around Manitou Springs. No two hikes are created equally, so pay attention to the trail difficulty and length. As always, be prepared with proper equipment and clothing, and enjoy Colorado’s Pikes Peak Wonders!

Manitou Incline Hiking Trail Guide | Manitou Springs, CO
Manitou Incline

An extreme hiking-only trail straight up Mount Manitou with views of Manitou and Colorado Springs. Don't let the 1-mile length fool you, the 2,744 steps will definitely hurt the next day.

Hiking Barr Trail to the Summit of Pikes Peak | Manitou Springs
Barr Trail to Pikes Peak

A difficult 26.2 mile round trip hiking and biking trail up Pikes Peak.This heavily traffic trail has an elevation gain of 7,500 ft

Catamount Trail | Waterfall Hike Near Green Mountain Falls, CO
Catamount Trail

A moderately-difficult hiking-only trail in Green Mountain Falls, CO. The trails is 4.90 miles out and back with an elevation gain of 1,506 ft.

Centennial Trail

A moderately-difficult hiking and biking trail that's 14.84 miles roundtrip. Elevation gain is 796 ft.

Cheyenne mtn state park

With more than 27 miles of trail for hiking and over 23 for biking, there is something for everyone! Enjoy 2,701 acres of the prairie-to-peak ecosystem.

Columbine Trail

A moderately-difficult 6.52 mile roundtrip trail for hiking and mountain biking.Trail has two sections: 1.92 miles lower and 4.60 miles mid & upper. The trail has an elevation gain of 1,902 ft.

Garden of the gods

Easy to moderate various-length trails for hiking, biking and horses with varying elevation gain. Views of Pikes Peak and dramatic red rock features.

Heizer Trail

A moderate to difficult hiking or biking trail, this path gains 1,841 ft. over 5.66 miles out and back. The trailhead is near the Pikes Peak Highway entrance.

The Intemann Trail

A moderately-difficult trail that runs along the south edge of Manitou Springs all they way to Section 16. For hiking, biking or horses with an elevation gain of 1,538 ft. Great view of town, Pikes Peak and Red Rock Canyon Open Space.

Mt. Cutler

An easy, hiking-only, out and back trail that overlooks Cheyenne Mountain to the south and and Seven Falls to the west. 1.88 miles with an elevation gain or 588 ft.

Mt. Muscoco Trail | Hiking Trail in Manitou Springs
Mt. Muscoco Trail

A moderate hiking-only 3.76 miles roundtrip with an elevation gain of 1,329 ft.

Mueller State Park

Easy to moderate hiking and biking trails of various lengths and elevation gain. Views of Pikes Peak and the surrounding mountain ranges.

Hiking Rainbow Gulch Trail near Woodland Park | Manitou Springs
Rainbow Gulch Trail

An easy 3.5 mile moderately-trafficked out and back trail off Rampart Range Road near Woodland Park.

Rampart Reservoir

Easy to Moderate, various-length hiking or biking trails around Rampart Reservoir. Elevation gain, various

Red Rock Canyon
Open Space

Various easy to moderate trails for hiking, bicycles or horses. Various length trails and elevation gain from 200’ to 900’.​ Red rock features, quarry pass and several ponds

Hiking Crags to Horsethief Falls - Ring the Peak Trail | Manitou Springs
Ring the Peak

A 63-mile trail system around Pikes Peak, we recommend Crags to Horsethief Falls: 9.64 easy-to-moderate miles of trail for hiking, biking and horses.

St. Mary's Falls

Moderate to difficult 6.3 miles out-and-back trail featuring a waterfall. Best for hiking, bicycles and horses. Elevation gain: 1,177 ft

Seven bridges Trail

Moderate, hiking-only trail, 5.78 miles out and back with an elevation gain of 1,597 ft. Named for the seven bridges you cross as you hike, this trail is perfect on a hot summer day.​

Ute Indian Trail

A moderately-difficult 7.54 mile out and back trail good for hiking, biking and horses and with an elevation gain of 1,997 ft.


Are you Colo-Ready?​

With a little preparation, a spirit of adventure, and a soft spot for nature and the past, you’ll be on the trail to exploring Manitou Springs and the state of Colorado like a local.

Pack it In, Pack it Out

There's no maid in the wild. Pack out everything you bring in. That means trash, food, and dog poop!

Stay on Trail

Cutting switchbacks tramples ecosystems. Keep the trails in good condition by staying on trail, even during muddy season.

Keep MUsic To Yourself

Not everyone shares your musical tastes. Use earbuds, not a boom box, and keep one ear free to listen for wildlife / hikers.

yield to uphill traffic

Uphill hikers have the right of way. Stand off to the side to allow uphill hikers to pass. Remember: No downhill on the Incline!

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