Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions in Manitou

Published: January 6, 2022

New Year | New You

Setting the year's intentions

Can you smell that? That’s the smell of freshly-printed planners and more people than you’ve ever seen at your local gym. It’s the smell of new beginnings and well-intentioned promises. But as the light from the ball drop fades and you’ve cleaned the last, lingering confetti out from behind your couch cushions—every day after January 1st becomes harder and harder to keep those resolutions. In fact, most Americans throw in the towel by February 1st. 

Average number of days a New Year's resolution is kept. Impressive that it was even that high.
1 %
Of Americans aren't making resolutions this year. Can't fall off the wagon if you were never on it.
1 %
Of us don't even remember what resolutions we had set by April. Out of sight—out of mind.

Intentions over resolutions

It’s been a weird couple of years, to say the least. And we know weird—this is Manitou, after all. With most of us exchanging those impossible-to-keep resolutions for more thoughtful intentions this year, we’ve rounded up our top tips for staying focused on your goals in Manitou Springs.  

stone massage
If your intention is to:

Get healthy, mind and body

Self-care isn’t all face masks and mud baths. But they definitely don’t hurt! Take time to slow down with a mineral water soak, Mountain Detox Wrap or a Sacred Hot Stone Massage at SunWater Spa.
If your intention is to:

Spend more time in nature

More than losing weight or even “exercising regularly,” most of us are simply opting for a healthier lifestyle. And there’s no shortage of vitamin D and sunshine here in Manitou. Pack a picnic for Rock Ledge Ranch, take in the views atop Red Mountain or challenge a friend to the Manitou Incline. 
Hiking Manitou Incline
If your intention is to:

Rekindle your creativity

We could all use a bit of creative inspiration after the last few years. Whether you’re looking to start a new hobby or rekindle your craft, the Manitou Art Center has classes to spark your imagination. If you need us, we’ll be in the pottery studio recreating that scene from Ghost
If your intention is to:

Leave it better than you found it

Saving the planet is a lofty resolution. But together, we can all do little things that make a big difference in caring for our planet. EBike Tours and Rental makes it easy to reduce your footprint and tackle Colorado’s steep terrain. And you’ve never looked in better cardio shape than on an ebike.  
EBike Tours and Rental

Biking is good, no matter how you spin it: In 2020, PikeRide saved over 3,519,494 pounds of Co2 emissions - the equivalent of 76,020 trees. So let's get this straight: biking reduces Co2 emissions, burns more calories and saves you from parking in Manitou. Keeping that intention is a win-win-win!

3 tips to build your


Make a plan

Book a class, schedule a soak or make plans to hike with a friend this weekend. Whatever your intentions, get them on the calendar.

Find a friend

Studies show (we know that’s vague, but look it up) that accountability buddies increase our likelihood of sticking with a resolution.

MAke it easy

Keep an extra pair of sneakers in your car for spontaneous hikes or store a yoga mat under your desk at work. Convenient intentions are kept intentions.

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