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The Ultimate Pikes Peak Challenge

Do you have what it takes?

Together with Visit Colorado Springs, we’ve setup a summer challenge to help you experience Pikes Peak like never before. Standing before you are 25 challenges to test how much of an adventurer you really are.

Whether it’s a hike up to the summit, having a donut at the new Pikes Peak Summit Complex, or even spotting Bigfoot, we’re positive you’ll find a new way to enjoy America’s Mountain.

Ready to take on Pikes Peak

Sign up for the Ultimate Pikes Peak Challenge, so you can call yourself the ultimate Pikes Peak adventurer!

What's in it for you?

Well, bragging rights over your friends of course! Plus, you’ll get some of the different patches below for completing challenges. Collect all six patches to complete your set, to show that you’re the ultimate Pikes Peak adventurer. After the challenge is over, we’ll see how many challenges you completed, and send you all of the patches that you earned!

The Ultimate Pikes Peak Challenge

Pikes Peak

Experience America's Mountain as you travel to new heights.

Mineral Springs

Check out the springs that give Manitou Springs its name.

The Incline

Tackle the Manitou Inline. Warning, this is an extreme trail.

Shop in Manitou

Shop and stroll in Manitou Springs, taking in the view of Pikes Peak.

Bike Pikes Peak

Experience breathtaking views while biking down Pikes Peak.

The Cog

Make your way up Pikes Peak on the highest cog railway in America.
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