“Revolt of the Zombies”

Sunday Oct. 16 at 6pm “Revolt of the Zombies” (1936) This film starring Dean Jagger and Bela Lugosi is set during World War I. A “French Cambodian” contingent had heard strange stories about zombification–supposedly Angkor Wat was built by utilizing zombies–and there are tales of zombie armies easily overcoming foes. Armand Louque brings back a priest who supposedly knows the secret of zombification, but he won’t talk.

Museum doors open at 5:30 PM. Movies start at 6:00 pm. Run time 1:02:19

Popcorn and traditional movie concessions are available. Visit our free movie and museum. Manitou Springs Heritage Center and Museum 517 Manitou Avenue. Manitou Springs. For more information, visit http://www.manitouspringsheritagecenter.org/  or call us at 719-685-1454.

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