The Broadmoor’s Seven Falls

The Broadmoor’s Seven Falls in Colorado Springs, CO

Colorado's Most Majestic Waterfall

Located less than one mile from The Broadmoor, Seven Falls is one of Colorado’s most captivating natural wonders. This magnificent series of waterfalls is situated in a 1,250-foot-wall box canyon between the towering Pillars of Hercules. Take in stunning vistas of verdant valleys, striking rock formations and golden prairies as you climb the challenging 224 steps to the hiking trails and the banks of glistening streams that feed Seven Falls, and its 181-foot drop of falling water.

The thrill of The Broadmoor Soaring Adventure. For adventurous souls seeking a one-of-a-kind Colorado experience, The Broadmoor Soaring Adventure delivers an exciting exploration of the area with our thrilling zip line courses. For those who wish a more leisurely visit, there are our shops and easy, scenic walking trails. And be sure to visit 1858, our exciting new restaurant designed to take advantage of the magnificent scenery of The Broadmoor Seven Falls, featuring regionally inspired cuisine, from great appetizers, burgers, and sandwiches, to trout, prepared seven different ways and more.


1045 Lower Gold Camp Road
Colorado Springs, CO 80906

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