Colorado Wolf and Wildlife Center

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Come take a tour with one of our knowledgeable and experienced guides and find out why it is so important that we preserve our diminishing wildlife population. Not only is this a benefit for their existence but for ours as well. We offer personalized one-hour walking tours through our sanctuary that provide a very fun and educational experience for all. We guarantee you will get an up-close view of one of our many beautiful and majestic wolves. We also offer feeding tours and an interactive alpha tour where you will get up close and personal with our wolves as our professional photographer documents this once in a lifetime moment.

We welcome school groups, cub/boy/girl scout groups, nature enthusiasts, work parties and any other organization you may belong to. We are open Tuesday through Sunday all year. Call and make yourself a reservation today!

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4729 Twin Rocks Rd
Divide, CO 80814

(719) 687-9742

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