Angler’s Covey

Angler's Covey - Fly fishing in 11-Mile Canyon near Lake George, Colorado.

Inviting you into adventure!

Angler’s Covey is located at the foot of Pikes Peak of the Rocky Mountains in beautiful Colorado Springs. Our shop is right on the way out of town, up to the mountains, and less than an hour away from some of the best Gold Medal Water fishing in the state.

Our store is over 6,500 square feet and full of all the latest fly fishing gear to make any anglers stop and shop. We also have two casting ponds always ready for you to test cast the newest rods in the industry. Our tying center is one of the largest in the Rocky Mountain region. Our book and information center has all the latest titles and information to take your adventure to anywhere in the world.

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295 S. 21st St
Colorado Springs, CO 80904

(719) 471-2984

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