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Vacation shouldn’t feel like your daily commute. We want to help you park and find a way to start enjoying our incredible mountain town. The same geography that makes this an incredible place to live also makes parking unique. See below everything you need to know to make parking in Manitou a breeze. 

Local Tip: Residential parking is for people who live here and have cars with resident stickers. If you park in residential areas you will get a hefty fine.

Free Parking

Believe it, Manitou Springs has free parking and a shuttle bus to help you get into town.

On-street Paid Parking

Parking meters are everywhere. We have parking kiosks that are touch screen…so touch the screen to wake it up.

Paid Parking lots

If you don't want to ride the shuttle or pay to park on the streets, you can park in a paid lot, there are three in town.

So you got a ticket in Manitou…

Call Manitou Parking Management

We’ve all been there…  If you have questions about your Manitou Springs Parking ticket call Manitou Springs Parking Management at 685-2549.

Here ye! here ye!

Park for Free

There’s plenty of free parking in Manitou Springs…if you know where to look. Find it at our two free parking areas…one a five-minute walk from town located near Memorial Park the other on the outskirts of town at Field’s Park. Details below. 

  • INCLINE PARKING…The best place to park for the Incline is 10 Old Man's Trail, 80829 and take the free shuttle to the Incline.
  • YEAR ROUND…Park for free near Memorial Park at 10 Old Man's Trail, 80829. From here it's a 5-minute walk to downtown or you can catch the free shuttle to downtown and the Incline.
  • SUMMER FREE LOT…at Fields Park at 101 El Paso Blvd, 80829, from here ride the #36 free shuttle on El Paso Blvd to downtown.
Parking lots

Paid lots downtown

The worst part of parallel parking are the witnesses. Avoid the embarrassment in a paid lot, we have three in town and one at Barr Trail for hikers only. Enter your info, including your license plate number into a kiosk at the lot. Don’t forget to place the printed ticket on your windshield. 

  • Wichita Lot - 708 Manitou Ave, 80829 - $1/hr, $5 all day
  • Cañon Lot - 135 Cañon Ave, 80829 - $1/hr, $5 all day
  • Smischny Lot - 1134 Manitou Ave, 80829 - $1/hr, $5 all day
  • Barr Trail Hiker parking only - 98 Hydro St, 80829 - $10/day. This lot is is reserved for Barr Trail/Pikes Peak day hikers and Barr Camp overnight guests. NOTE: parking meters start a new day at midnight, no matter what time you parked on the first day.
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