We are an experience-driven and science led wellness boutique that focuses on educating people about the effects of one’s energy in correlation with the universe.  Together, we uncover insights and provide guidance in order to balance oneself and create a more authentically rooted future.

Every organism has a bio-energetic field around them, known as an Aura; within the body are energy centers called Chakras.  We perform Aura and Chakra readings to create a report which includes a 3-D representation of these fields, based on your specific energy!  Our consultants work with you to understand how to tune these energetic systems to your highest benefit.

We believe that frequency and vibration are the future of our healing.  We offer targeted balancing and healing services tailored to your specific energetic systems.

At Aurathentic we offer aura and chakra readings, chakra balancing, chakra healing, a gift shop, classes, events, private parties, and an Aura Lounge with a curated drink and food menu.


702 Manitou Avenue
Manitou Springs, CO 80829


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