Let The Hunt Begin


  1. You  see me where the waters flow between where feet and tires go
  1. Open  by day and closed by night, circles of glass keep this place safe and tight.
  1. A  bronze eagle under a white cupola will lead you to this federal-style building.
  1. You  can rent an apartment with a park view in what was once the most expensive barn in Manitou Springs.
  1. The  only factory building left in Manitou which took advantage of our most famous resource. You’ll find it near Fountain Creek.
  1. You’ll  find a little barn hiding amongst the trees and to the north of Fountain Creek. Burros used to stay here in the winter.
  1. Foxes  can be spotted in Manitou Springs from dusk to dawn but this one plays 24 hours a day.
  1. Find  the only soldier in Manitou Springs who wears a bronze coat.
  1. Manitou  was a sacred valley to the Ute peoples, who erected their tepees near the medicine springs. Now there is only one tepee left but you will have to look 3 stories up to find it.
  1. These  creatures roamed our town millions of years ago but this work of art has just arrived.
  1. In  old Manitou, when a fire blazed, this would alert the town.
  1. A  one-story building of brick and glass that has a perfect seat to watch the world walk by.
  1. The  man who built this three story office block in brick and peachblow sandstone wanted everyone to know his name.
  1. This  work of art will remind you that the inventor of alternating current experimented at the base of Pikes Peak.
  1. As  a defender of eternal youth, she wears a mask against a modern plague.
  1. On  a wall in a small, dark alley shines a sun.
  1. You will find this little mouse by the front door of an art gallery under a fountain of Rome.
  1.   You will find this little mouse by the front door of an art gallery under a fountain of Rome.
  1.  Manitou  Springs was never a mining town but there is an ore cart in front of this store.
  1. This  building has not just one but two crosses. Hopefully, that clue will be Helpful.
  1. The  oldest bay window in Manitou Springs is on a famous large building. Can you find it on the second floor?
  1. You  might have to look beyond the trees and Fountain Creek to find this beautiful historic building which has 7 Chimneys.
  1. You’ll  find this blast from the past behind where the green grass grows.
  1. The  trailhead that leads to the pinon pine that once donned Emma’s red scarf.
  1. Buried  deep in the ground, the crystals will lead the way.

What are you waiting for? Get started on the hunt!

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