Celebrating 28 years

The Great
Fruitcake Toss

January 27, 2024 from 1-3pm

Let your fruitcake fly

The Great Fruitcake Toss

The fruitcakes will fly again in Manitou Springs! Join us for old fashioned games of tossing fruitcakes! It all started in 1996 with locals throwing fruitcakes in the park, and 28 years later, here we are. Events will be pure feats of strength, talent, balance and taste!

Congrats 2023 Fruitcake Toss Winners!

Winningest Tossers Across All Categories:
King – Korben Mitchell
Queen – Emily Kollander
10 & Under:
Balance – Sloan E
Basket Toss & Accuracy – Brayden J
Distance – Lyric (55 ft)
Balance – Lux W
Basket Toss – Scarlett H
Accuracy – Olivia L.
Distance – Aiden (124 ft)
Distance – Female – Emily K (97 ft)
Distance – Male – Niko (180 ft)
Distance – Female – Dawn Y (70 ft)
Distance – Male – David B (96 ft)
70+ :
Distance – Female  – MariBeth P (30 ft)
Distance – Male – Doug G (65 ft)

Fruitcake toss events & rules of play


  • One Cake per throw (one ticket per toss)
  • Measured at the location of landed cake
  • WINNER: Whomever throws the farthest distance in each age group wins


  • 10 and under start from 5 feet
  • 11 and older start from 10 feet
  • Every tosser gets one “mulligan” (miss)
  • Second miss and you are out
  • Start at largest hoop and move to middle, then smallest all on 10 feet. If tosser makes all 3, they advance to 20 feet. If all 20 foot hoops are made, they advance to 30 feet. 
  • 10 ft increments for measurement
  • WINNER: Whomever hits the smallest hoop from the farthest distance in each age group


  • one cake – toss 3 times
  • one ticket to toss in baskets
  • WINNER: highest scoring toss by adding points from baskets (points only count if cake stays in basket)


  • One cake per race (1 ticket)
  • Five second rule: If you drop your cake, you have 5 seconds to get back into the race
  • Individuals will run the race course once, balancing cake on spatula
  • WINNER: Fastest time on course in each age group

The Great Fruitcake Bake-Off!

Congratulations Holland Temple!

Holland Temple Fruitcake Bake Off Winner
Nanna's blonde fruitcake

In the 2023 Too-Good-To-Toss Great Fruitcake Bake-Off, Holland Temple took the cake with her version of “Nanna’s Blonde Fruitcake”. Congratulations!  

2023 Fruitcake Bake Off

1.Bake up the ol’ family recipe… (we know you’ve got one!)

2. bring your cake down to Memorial Park between 1-1:30 pm to enter our Great Fruitcake Bake-Off! 

Requirements? Just that your cake has flour, nuts, and fruit!

Collin Street Bakery is providing a $75 value prize package to our winner, so enter TODAY!

We Support Local Food Needs

That’s right- we know we’re tossing perfectly good food around like it’s trash. Well, those rental cakes we make certainly are…but the seriousness of the food crisis is ever present on our minds, so the Great Fruitcake Toss has partnered with the local food pantry to stock shelves for the community.

Instead of bringing dollars to toss your cake, bring non-perishable food items and exchange for tickets to toss! (10 tickets max per family)

We will again partner with the Manitou Springs Food Pantry, held weekly on Wednesdays at St Andrews Church, 110 Cañon Ave, 1-2 pm. All are welcome and volunteers/donors always appreciated to support local food needs. 

Build a mini catapult

Cool Science is back for 2023, to help kids build their own wooden catapult. Cool Science has joined us at the Great Fruitcake Toss for multiple years, and is always a crowd favorite to visit!

What happens to all of the fruitcakes?

All of the fruitcakes that aren’t brought home from the Great Fruitcake Toss go to a special friend of ours. We take all of the leftovers to SunMountain so they can be fed to their resident animals, including their pig, Jezebel. 

Don’t worry, all of the fruitcakes we make don’t include the preservatives that your standard fruitcake does. These fruitcakes are nutritionally safe for Jezebel and all of her friends.

I absolutely love fruit cake


To eat not toss! Holding up my hand for leftovers!

There's not much batter in a fruitcake!


My mother used to make her own… and she’d put red and green gumdrops in them, instead of the candied cherries. Plus lots of pecans (I mean, this IS Texas 😉 ). She also candied her own pineapple, so it hadn’t been sitting on some shelf for half a year. It wasn’t half bad. But I still want to load one with maraschino cherries, raisins, pecans, and (maybe) the pineapple. 

How do you get rid of fruitcake?

Just throw it as far as you can, that’s what we do in Manitou Springs. 

Frequent Fruitcake Questions

Yes, leashed dogs are welcome at the Great Fruitcake Toss.

Come on down to the park and visit our Fruitcake Tech Inspect team. They’ll clear your homemade cake for tossing. If you don’t have a cake, you can buy one for $5 at the entry table.

You sure can! Extra fruitcake toss tickets will be available for $1 each. Or you can bring a canned good with you to receive a ticket as well. 10 tickets max per family for donated cans. All canned goods will be donated to the Manitou Springs Food Pantry.

Rum, dried fruit, toasted pecans, butter, candied cherries and ginger, sugar, lemon, and eggs. But it doesn’t just end there…

Great! We’d love to have you! Our volunteer application is HERE. Please contact us at monica@manitouchamber.com with any questions!

We hear this a lot. The answer is YES. We’ll have fruitcake samples provided by our sponsor Collins Street Bakery.

There will be fruitcake, fruitcake, and more fruitcake! If you’re only interested in tossing the cakes, you might want to stop by a local eatery for brunch, like Adam’s Mountain Cafe.

support the fruitcake

Sponsorship info

If your business would like to help launch the fruitcake toss, fill out an application and send it our way.


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