El Paso County

El Paso County encompasses more than 2,158 square miles (slightly more than twice the size of Rhode Island). The County is bordered on the north by Douglas and Elbert counties, on the west by Teller and Fremont counties, on the south by Pueblo County and on the east by Elbert and Lincoln counties. El Paso County’s largest municipality is the City of Colorado Springs. Other municipalities within El Paso County include Manitou Springs, Green Mountain Falls, Fountain, Calhan, Ramah, Monument, and Palmer Lake.

The western portion of El Paso County is mountainous, while the eastern part is prairie land where horses and beef cattle remain important sources of income. The altitude ranges from about 5,052 feet on the south-central border at Chico Creek to 14,115 feet on the summit of Pikes Peak near the western boundary.

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