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Manitou Made

A new look coming Fall 2020 for Manitou Made is coming in 2020 to promote Manitou Springs businesses, creatives, and culture online.
Led by the Manitou Springs Creative District (MSCD) in partnership with the Manitou Springs Chamber of Commerce, Visitors Bureau & Office of Economic Development, will prominently feature locally-made items that are crafted, designed, prepared, source, brewed, or experienced only in the greater Manitou Springs region.
The project will deliver a multivendor digital marketplace showcasing the people, places, and products unique to Manitou Springs in addition to offering digital marketing and e-commerce classes open to the wider business community.
Support local artists and makers

Look for the logo

When shopping and dining in Manitou Springs, look for the Manitou Made logo to highlight locally made and sourced goods!

Manitou Made products include locally-made items that are crafted, designed, prepared, sourced or brewed in the greater Manitou Springs region. You have to admit, there is something special about knowing your baker, your skin care maker, your chocolate maker, your barista, and your local brew master.

Creativity is an important part of the Manitou Springs history and economy. Artists began moving to Manitou Springs in the 1960’s and 70’s and created the welcoming community that exists here today. Supporting local artisans honors this history and keeps our community working.

Dozens of local makers

Our makers are a diverse group. Find small batch skincare, hand-poured candles, and home-engineered recipes.

certified Creative District

Find handmade goods everywhere, not just in the galleries. We're recognized by the state for our unique creative assets.

Ten Local Galleries

From photography to sculpture to paintings, our galleries host artists in every medium from around the region.

Support Small Business

Explore local shops

Buying local is a chance to support the growing Maker Movement, and meet talented artisans and small business owners who take great pride in their work. Experience handmade, one-of-a-kind and meaningful gifts by shopping in Manitou Springs.

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