The historic town of Manitou Springs, nestled at the foot of Pikes Peak, is a small town with a population of around 5,000 residents, but it has all of the services you find in any other big city in Colorado. This small mountain town prides itself on maintaining a level of services to meet the needs of the entire community. Services include wholesalers/distributors, media organizations, schools, real estate agencies, insurance/investment firms, hospitals/doctors, banks, attorneys, and much more.

Other Services

Manitou Springs may be a small town, but has all the amenities and services of the big city.

Wholesale Distribution

Manitou Springs boasts numerous wholesalers and distributors in different verticals.

TV, Radio and Print

There are several newspapers, radio, and TV stations in the area, providing local news coverage and entertainment.


Manitou Springs is home to an excellent education curriculum at schools for children kindergarten through high school.

Real Estate

Looking to move here? Manitou Springs has a host of real estate agencies and top-notch realtors.

Printers / Screen Printers

There are numerous reputable printers and screen printers in Manitou Springs to handle your project.

Insurance / Investments

Manitou Springs has agencies specializing in insurance and investments.


You are in good hands in Manitou Springs with top-notch choices in hospitals and healthcare.


Get in touch with our city’s government leaders, from city council members to the mayor to the police/fire departments.

Financial Institutions

Manitou Springs’ variety of banks can handle your financial needs with various locations across the city.


Have a legal case? Manitou Springs offers top-notch attorneys to defend your rights.


If you need an accountant, Manitou Springs has accounting firms to suit your needs.