Peak Living Manitou Springs

Manitou Springs is a Peak Living communityPeak Living Manitou Springs is a community initiative that supports and encourages a culture of physical, mental and spiritual health through increased physical activity, eating well, creating a sense of belonging, and life-long learning. Peak Living collaborates with local government representatives, schools, and organizations such as Live Well Colorado and Partners for Healthy Choices. Through these partnerships Peak Living endeavors to improve major risk factors such as tobacco, physical inactivity, unhealthy eating and poor emotional health.

In February 2014, the Manitou Springs City Council joined the Colorado Healthy Eating Actively Living statewide campaign.  The project team highlights our natural environment, use of our parks, bike/hike trails, mineral spring walks and the world famous Manitou Incline to encourage physical activity.  The project profiles healthy eating options and food sources to promote a sustainable local food shed. In partnership with the Manitou Springs Collaborative, project leaders connect to further community visions and create a sense of belonging. Fans of the Peak Living Project connect through our facebook page.

Partners for Healthy Choices

Partners for Healthy ChoicesPartners for Healthy Choices is a local group with a mission of creating opportunities, building relationships, and mobilizing community resources to engage youth and families in healthy choices. They often host community events to engage youth and families on various topics and provide education on how to make the best choices in various aspects of life. The goal is to ensure all youth receive education and encouragement to make the healthy choices that will positively affect their lives. This includes healthful decisions in areas of family, school, and community life to help decrease substance use, school dropout rate, teen pregnancy, and delinquency.

Partners for Healthy Choices also provides opportunities and encouragement for youth to use their gifts and talents in contributing to the community. The organization’s efforts allow for personal growth and learning, restoring damaged relationships, and help inform youth that current choices impact their future and give them a clear vision of a positive future.

For more information, check out the Partners for Healthy Choices Facebook page.

The Manitour Springs Public Library enhances well beingPikes Peak Library District

Manitou Springs has partnered with the Pikes Peak Library District to support our Carnegie Library built in 1911. The Pikes Peak Library District (PPLD) is dedicated to providing resources and opportunities that change individual lives and build community. As libraries continue to change over the years, PPLD also evolves into a “21st Century Library”. However, its core values and driving purpose remains the same – knowledge and learning through access to shared resources and information, while emphasizing individual and community impact.

PPLD also recommends visiting the Library of Medicine (NLM) website for another great resource for variety of information on healthy living. The website features interactive learning games and other information, particularly designed for grades K-12. There are also exercises dealing with biology, careers, environmental issues/chemistry, forensic and medical technology, general health, genetics, health information tutorials, HIV/AIDS, lesson plans (for teachers), projects, and Spanish-language resources.