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FitMilia provides FORMER ATHLETES with OLD INJURIES a manageable way to BUILD STRENGTH and STABILITY through a LOW IMPACT total body workout system so they can GET BACK TO BEING ACTIVE.

Our new FitMilia app is jam-packed with easy-to-follow Yoga Flows, Resistance Band Training, and HIIT workouts that ensure you are getting the stretching, strength training, and cardiovascular work to bulletproof your body so you can get back out there doing what you love. 

It’s all as easy as following a few simple steps.

  1. Purchase a FitMilia Body By Band’s system by going to FitMilia Shopping
  2. Locate our FitMilia Body By Band’s app by going to BodyByBands App
  3. Sign up for “Body By Band’s Membership”
    1. Select START TODAY (button)
    2. Select Body By Bands Membership
    3. Select GET INSTANT ACCESS (button) and create a username and password
  4. Start the 6 Week “Feel Active Again” program and follow along each day for Yoga, Resistance Band Training, and HIIT Workouts to help you re-activate your body.

This program offers a plan that’s helped countless people who have suffered from chronic joint pain have the ability to do daily activities with more energy and joy. This plan includes over 200 different exercises videos so you can design the exercises that work the best for you. The Bander Membership also includes over 100 different healthy and simple meal options to support a healthier body.


710 N Weber Street
Colorado Springs, CO

(206) 664-1638

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