Get to know Manitou's wine bars

Manitou Springs Wine Walk

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Wine down with us.

Three of Manitou Springs’ upscale wine bars and wineries serve a variety of small pours from Colorado, both Old/New World Wines, including wines from Europe and Australia. Enjoy light bites at all locations, ask questions of  wine makers, Sommeliers, and wine purveyors.

Manitou Wine Walk
D'Vine Wine

Your personal winery is the newest concept in boutique wineries. We import the highest quality grapes and then handcraft, blend, and ferment all of our wines here in Manitou Springs.

Mona Lisa

Fine dining establishment & wine bar featuring fondue & tabletop grilling in a refined setting.

Swirl Wine Bar

Full service restaurant and wine bar serving Americana-inspired food with worldly inspiration. A local's favorite for the dog-friendly patio and fire pit. Live music every Friday & Saturday.

Good conversation


The wine walk was very laid back, at your own speed and super relaxed. I really enjoyed going at my own pace and having good conversation with my friends

locations close


I enjoyed how close each location was to each other. The wine selections and information were great.

creative, fun!


It was very creative and fun, I really liked the wines from D’Vine Wines and their snacks were great.



Good selection on types of wines and food!

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