Manitou is for Makers

Published: March 2, 2021

Manitou Springs puts the he(art) in art

If Virginia is for Lovers and What Happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas, then Manitou Springs is for Makers. The town is quite literally bursting at the seams with artists, musicians, performers, tinkerers, and crafters—just wander down any unsuspecting side street and you’ll find a secret mural or sculpture waiting for you. While the pandemic has rekindled a passion for creating—raise your hand if you, too, have made a macrame wall hanging in the last year 🙋— Manitou has been inspiring artists for over 100 years.

Keep your heart open and your eyes wandering as you explore Manitou Springs in search of art—from the sculptural spigots of the natural springs to the architectural details of the buildings—creative expression surrounds you here. 

Explore the best of local Colorado artists

The Commonwheel Artists Co-op is the oldest co-op in the state of Colorado—and a true staple of the Manitou Springs community. The wall art, jewelry, glass, pottery, sculptures and clothing that cover every inch of this quaint shop are all made exclusively by Colorado artists. 

Local's secret: Once a year, Commonwheel potters sell their one-of-kind pottery by the pound. It's the best way to snag beautiful pieces at a fraction of the cost. But you didn't hear it from us.

Take your own art stroll

All of downtown Manitou is a gallery—from funky sculptures to whimsical murals. Artistic expression is the backbone of our quirky little mountain town. Wander the streets of downtown Manitou and see if you can spot all 27 sculptures.

Manitou masks up! We're wearing masks inside our galleries and outside in downtown Manitou Springs.

Manitou art galleries

You wouldn’t go to Philadelphia without visiting the Liberty Bell, or to New York City without seeing the Statue of Liberty. And you definitely wouldn’t holiday in Cawker City, Kansas without feasting your eyes on the world’s largest ball of twine. So why would you miss Manitou Springs’ famous art galleries?

Shop all things Manitou

Our little mountain town is made up of makers, bakers, artists, potters, tinkerers and artisans—and we’re fiercely proud they call Manitou Springs home. Shopping Manitou Made directly supports the people, places, and experiences that define this vibrant community. 
Dahlen's original ” Blue Bear ” oil painting is available through Manitou Made as playing cards, aluminum prints, greeting cards and more.
Sweetheart Necklace
The joy of giving has nothing on the joy of receiving! And we know you've been eyeing this handmade brass sweetheart pendant from Manitou Springs Heritage Center.
Our bakers, tasters, pastry makers and chefs are some of our most revered artisans. After all, sometimes the most sophisticated taste is the one in your mouth.
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