Black Bear Distillery

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The Black Bear Distillery is a family-owned craft distillery at 7,800 feet in the beautiful little town of Green Mountain Falls, CO. Run by a third-generation master distiller (the first to be legal) who also happens to be a master chef. This combination of chef and distiller creates unique flavorful products unlike anything else on the market. The twenty-foot tall pot still runs in a low and slow fashion adding depth and character to all the products, each of which has a different philosophy.

The three tiers of our main line consist of a fun-loving Brazilian cachaça-style white rum, made for the party, light and easy drinking. At around $20 a bottle retail, this is a perfect mixer and will make mojitos, caipirinhas, rum runners, and hurricanes that will liven up your party and bring summer all year around.

The Gold Colorado Rum is aged in bourbon barrels and has an uncommon level of complexity and sophistication. A steal at $30, this “Whiskey Lover’s Rum” is good for sipping or high-end craft cocktails.

Finally, the flagship rich, oaky sherry-finished Irish-Style Whiskey is a Colorado product made to honor the founder’s family history, stretching back to 444 AD Ireland.


10375 Ute Pass Ave. PO Box 132
Green Mountain Falls, CO 80819

(719) 684-9648

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