We Are Here, You Are Here

Opening Reception: Friday, April 1, 5-8 pm

Our April gallery show features artists who create work in pottery, painting, and photography. Artists for this show are Lisa Cush (painter), Jennifer Hanson (potter and painter), Sara Keller (potter) and Claire Steele (photographer).

We Are Here, You Are Here showcases current artwork reflecting the themes of trails, tales, compasses, journeys, maps, and expansion.

Lisa Cush says. “like people all around the world I have been affected by the stupid coronavirus. In my personal effort to avoid a mental health crisis during the pandemic, I focused on art. My dog isn’t much of an art aficionado, but he loves me and a good hike. So we hiked a lot during the intense uncertainty of the pandemic. During our hikes I went off on many monologues on the philosophy of art. He’s a great listener and pretends to enjoy my artistic theories. I have painted my dog and many of his friends this year to say thank you for listening. My goal for this show is to create work that explores the idea of life’s journey while dancing between abstraction and realism. I work in watercolors, oils and pastels.

Jennifer Hanson set herself the challenge of biking 2021 miles last year. The show “We are here, you are here” with its theme of trails, tails, compasses, journeys, maps, and expansion, gave her the chance to hit the local trails and share her year long journey. She was constantly struck by the beauty of our environment here. “I don’t know how many times I had to get off my bike and snap a quick picture. Many of these pictures were the starting point of my art explorations in pottery, watercolor, and a mixture of the two.”

Sara Keller says, “During these last few years with our traveling limited, we reflect on ourselves and those who came before us. Using maps to hike, wind to fill our sails, stars to guide, waves to ride and roads to follow is a joyful challenge. Incorporating these elements into a medium like clay that stands still, is a fun way to bring ourselves back into motion. Please enjoy our collaboration.

Claire Steele is a self-taught photographer who began sharing her work in 2016. She worked as a Harley Davidson mechanic, service advisor, and EMT before picking up the camera in 2010. Her work focuses on the obscure, the abstract, on the intrinsic nature of the ordinary which is so often overlooked.  Steele’s unique vision leads to an eclectic array of compositions that inspire the viewer to reevaluate the world around them.

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