Thai Yoga for Couples at SmokeBrush Foundation

Thai Yoga for Couples

❤️ Inspire one close to you on Valentine’s Day with relaxation and restoration through Thai Yoga for Couples with your guide Kat Tudor, taking place Tuesday, February 14th in Manitou Springs. ❤️

The evening begins with 60 minutes of Thai Yoga Massage. You and your loved one will share in the experience of guided yoga poses, gentle stretching, energy work, and meditation.

Afterward, guests will feast on such aphrodisiac appetizers as Scallops with Cilantro Pesto, a myriad of sensual snackables such as Bruschetta with Basil, and Avocado Spread, accompanied by freshly baked and gluten-free breads. Enjoy a glass of provocative Prosecco, Manitou mineral springs lemonade, and a tantalizing dessert tart.

❤️ This event is completely inclusive. Bring the one you love! ❤️

Visit our Facebook page to find out more info and buy tickets here. 

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