Rocky Railways

Tylan Troyer and Maggie Quinn share Commonwheel’s gallery for the month of October.


Painter, Tylan Troyer says “my work is about capturing often overlooked and fleeting moments, thoughts, and visions defined by the honesty of line. I attempt to represent the mysteries of the conscious and subconscious and its interaction with the environment; through the use of color and form, creating an emotional connection to the viewer. I seek to excavate and display that which is hidden beneath the surface.”


Maggie Quinn, ceramicist, and Commonwheel Artists Co-op Member, says “forms in nature serve as a muse, while ceramics remain the passion of my creation. Original hand drawn sepia ink images are often subject matter for my ceramic canvasses.  In the execution of her pieces, I like to bring the audience humor and wonder with a bit of satire.”

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