Responding to Climate Change through Art–Call for Entries

Sometimes, you need more than just the facts and data to really bring home the reality of the climate crisis. And what better way to do it than through the power of ART?


Manitou Springs Art Council (MSAC) is inviting artists to create artwork that will ignite a passion to help prevent further environmental damage. This show offers a chance to use Art to create an emotional story that can inspire people to promote environmental awareness.


Many people have recommended immediate and far-reaching social, economic and technological responses and yet this isn’t happening very quickly.


Artists are invited to explore the ubiquitous and unnerving imagery of climate change and have the freedom to delve into causes, importance, hoax or not, impact on civilization, other culprits, various types of pollution, or how the humankind has historically created changes to make the environment less important than money or pleasures.


It’s all connected. How we live our lives is closely related to the state of our earth. Nature strives for balance.


This exhibition is being sponsored by the Manitou Springs Art Council (MSAC) and will be used as a fundraiser to continue support of the ARTS on Manitou Springs.

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