Manitou Map Jigsaw Art

“Manitou Map Jigsaw Art”

December 11, 2021

Saturday 10am and 1pm

Jared Thompson presents “Manitou Map Jigsaw Art” 

The Manitou Springs Heritage Center proudly hosts a presentation by Artist Jared Thompson, “Manitou Map Jigsaw Art”. Learn about the creative process behind the Manitou Springs map jigsaw puzzle.

This presentation will include a detailed picture slideshow of the artwork throughout its development. Thompson will speak about the methods of merging the use of acrylic and watercolor painting, photography, and digital graphics to create the final product. He will also be addressing the importance of knowing the town, trails, and mountains from first-hand experience to help guide the creative process.  Please make your free reservations here-

Visit the Manitou Springs Heritage Center and Museum 517 Manitou Avenue Manitou Springs, Colorado 80829. For more information, call 719-685-1454, email:, or visit

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