Emma’s Wake

Our Dearly Departed

It is with great sorrow that we mourn the passing of Miss Emma Crawford. Join us at Miramont for viewing of Emma laid out in the parlour in pure Victorian splendor, and a Victorian Wake, resplendent with a generous buffet dinner and beverages in the Great Hall.

Like you, her dear friends, know, Emma came to Manitou in 1889 in hoping to benefit from Manitou’s healing waters and crisp mountain air would cure the symptoms of her consumption. She partook of the mountain springs and air abundantly and freely on her many walks in the area.

While her spirits appeared to be improving, fate held a different card and the Reaper was not to leave with empty hands. Emma succumbed.

Together we die… I mean dine

Emma’s Wake is a local favorite, offering a glimpse into the interesting and sometimes eerie traditions of the Victorian era. The generous buffet is a perfect way to eat your sorrow and to kick off the Emma Crawford Coffin Races and Festival.

Viewings begin every 20 minutes. The first viewing begins at 6 pm and the last departs at 7:20 pm.

Call to reserve your space, this popular event sells out early.

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