Cool Science Carnival

Carnival Day, for kids and families, is the headlining event. It takes place Saturday, October
1st from 10am to 4pm at the University of Colorado in Colorado Springs.
What will you see and do during Carnival Day at the Festival? So much. You’ll see plenty of live animals like
snakes, hedgehogs, lizards, Colorado native fish and birds of prey. Make your own ice cream using liquid
nitrogen, build and launch a rocket, and even do surgery on a life-sized “Charlie” from the game Operation.
You can also play and paint with robots underwater, spell your name with binary code, make objects float in
a wind tube, harness the sun’s heat and electricity to cook delicious S’mores and so much more!
Marc Straub, Executive Director of Cool Science says, “All of this is presented by Cool Science and dozens
of participating companies, schools, museums, clubs, nonprofits and other organizations from throughout
eastern Colorado. Carnival Day is FREE (including parking) and fun for all ages!”

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