ClayFest 2022

Clayfest 2022

October 1-2, 2022 10:oo am until 4:oo pm

We are located in Manitou Springs, Colorado and affiliated with the Manitou Art Center. Our games and teaching event will be held on October 1st and 2nd at the Soda Springs Pavilion here in Manitou Springs

The Potters Games will be held Saturday and a free teaching event 10am-4pm Saturday and Sunday.

Pieces made at the What If Festival will be available for pick up both days.

Once upon a time a potter joined the Manitou Art Center fresh out of college… From an offhand remark to the director– “wouldn’t it be cool to hold a pottery olympics”– Clayfest was born. Our Potters’ games haven’t been seen in 16 years and we would like to change that. We will still hold our teaching events and will add the competitions on October 1st. Prizes will be given AND FUN WILL BE HAD…

Located at Soda Springs Pavilion, in Soda Springs Park.

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