6 Things You Should Know About Vacationing at Altitude

Vacationing in Manitou Springs and the Pikes Peak Region is breath-taking—literally. Here are 6 things you should know about vacationing at altitude that will make your trip awesome and help you avoid the uncomfortable symptoms of altitude sickness. Altitude sickness is when the body cannot get enough oxygen from the air. This can cause headaches, dizziness, loss of appetite and restlessness at night.

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate

Start hydrating the day before you leave for your trip. Take small sips of water, often. Because the air is drier at higher altitude, it’s recommended that you drink 2x as much water than what you typically do at home. Avoid caffeine and alcohol for the first 24 hours if you are sensitive to changes in altitude. Already feeling the effects of higher altitude? Sip on coconut water to help replenish your body.




 Me want banana

Feeling dizzy or weak? Boost your body with foods rich in potassium. Think: bananas, avocados, spinach and oranges. Pack a punch with complex carbs like beans, rice, pasta or starchy vegetables to help maintain your blood sugar.


Shade yo’self, protect yo’self

Unlike other places, the shade in Colorado offers a cool retreat from the hot sun. Seek shade, apply and reapply your sunscreen! You’re closer to the sun and there’s less water vapor to protect your skin here which means sunscreen is your new best friend.




 It takes time to acclimate

Take it easy on the first day. It’s hard to do this on your first day of vacation because…It’s vacation! But, do yourself a favor and opt for low energy activities the first day to allow your body to acclimate. This will save you the headache of altitude sickness.




 Eat often, even when you don’t feel hungry

Altitude can often times suppress hunger leading you to under nourish your body. Remember, your body is working overtime at altitude; give it the fuel it needs to acclimate. Pack snacks and eat often. And don’t forget to throw your trash away!





The excitement of vacation along with the wonder and beauty of your trip can wipe you out. Be sure to rest often—maybe that means finding a perch and people watching in the shade, or opting for a nap. Either way, rest up throughout the day so you have more energy for your entire vacation.