14 Amazing Facts about the North Pole, Colorado

Here’s 14 amazing facts you probably didn’t know about this local, family-run, 60 year old theme park.

The North Pole opened on June 16, 1956.

The North Pole village was designed by one of Disney’s architects, Arto Monaco in the late 1940’s. He also assisted with the design of Disneyland in Anaheim, California as well as other family-owned theme parks throughout America.

Santa actually lives on the property year-round as he should—he’s Santa!

You can feed the reindeer. Technically they are English Fallow Deer, which is a unique breed to this area. The heard at The North Pole has been there since the park opened in the 1950’s.

Kids of all ages can visit with Santa and see the elves. Visit Santa at his house for a family photo opt!

The Ferris Wheel is the highest altitude Ferris Wheel in the world!

The North Pole has its own post office, postal zip and post mark! During the holidays, kids can send letters to Santa at the North Pole, Colorado and they will be delivered for Santa to read.

Kids can expect postcard from Santa at the North Pole in response to their letter to Santa. Remember to provide Santa a clear return address.

While enjoying your day at the park, keep your eyes open for the Frozen Pole in the center of the park. It’s made of solid ice and it doesn’t melt!

Pay extra close attention to the details of village buildings. The shutters on each have small symbols that mark the original artisan shops. An anvil for the blacksmith, a candle for the candle maker…What other artisan symbols can you find?

One of the original artisans is back! Bill Duck, a glass blower in Santa’s village during the 1960’s recently retired as a Pikes Peak Park Ranger and has come back to the North Pole. You can watch him handcraft ornaments, swan barometers, and more!

Drop a penny and make a wish at the wishing well near the Chapel. All proceeds go to Santa’s Toy Lift Fund.

The North Pole has been run by the same family for over 60 years! Small, family-run amusement parks were all the craze in the 1950’s. Of the original parks that opened in the mid 1990’s, less than 50 are still running today. The North Pole is one of the final few still running.