10 Beginner Tips for Wine Tasting in Manitou Springs

Learn to how to sip, savor and evaluate wine by following our tips for wine tasting. With the Manitou Springs Colorado Wine Festival right around the corner, we want you to get the most out of your tasting.

Start with a fresh glass, or rinse out your wine glass from previous pours. If you are rinsing your glass, be sure to let as much of the water out of the glass as possible.

Evaluate first by sight. Look straight down into the glass to notice depth. Hold it up to the light to notice the color. Swirl it around to see the varying shades. Color can give you clues on the age of the wine.

 Keep swirling. This valuable technique unlocks the aromas hidden in the wine. Put your nose up to it and evaluate what you smell. Do you get hints of blackberries, oak, citrus in the whites you are sampling? What about mushrooms, pepper or cherry in the red varietals?

You don’t need a fancy glass, especially for a wine tasting event or excursion.
Hold your glass by the stem. Holding it by the bowl can leave fingerprints and smudges, all of which can affect the way you see the wine in your glass when first observing it by sight.

Take small sips. Let the wine move across your tongue and notice the various sensations. You may experience a sweetness, silkiness, or fruitiness in your first tastes.

Notice the lingering finish. Often times what wine tastes like as it rolls across your tongue can transform into a totally different sensation after you swallow.

Work your way up to heavier, bolder flavors. More delicate wine notes can be missed if you opt for a heavy red wine and then switch to a lighter white wine. And never be afraid to ask for a recommendation on where to start.

Drink water. 1 oz. pours don’t seem like they amount to much…Until they do. Keep it classy and drink water every 3-4 pours.

Always spit. It’s not rude nor should you feel obligated to finish a tasting. If you don’t prefer the wine flavors or know you’ve had too much you can spit or pour back what’s remaining in your glass.